Peshtemals & Turkish Towels

Foundations for great beachwear

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Traditionally used in Turkish spas and baths, peshtemals and towels are foundations for great resortwear. Inspired by the colors and patterns of our lingerie collections, ELSE peshtemals and towels effortlessly blend old and new: Their authentic lines combined with contemporary design will earn them a permanent place in your vacation wardrobe. They're perfect for travel enthusiasts — packing ELSE peshtemals and towels in your suitcase will indulge your wanderlust wherever you go.

Our colorful, 100% cotton peshtemals are the ideal accessory for spa or sand. Wear one for a walk on the beach, or on your neck as a chic accessory to brighten your outfit. And they're as practical as they are stylish: a quick-drying feature makes them an ideal beach companion. All you have to do is choose your favorite pieces — and get set for sunny days ahead.