Welcome to #InMyElse, a series of intimate conversations with creative and influential women who inspire us. Artist, activist, entrepreneur or mother, each represents a unique facet of the modern female, and offers a wealth of wisdom to impart on self-love, mental health, freedom, leadership, ritual, and rule-breaking.

Our philosophy, elevate the everyday, means to constantly pursue growth, to share stories, opinions and thoughts that allow us to arrive at the intersections of our experiences and create new lanes; spaces where we can sit with each other, speak our minds, learn from and take care of one another.

This spring we introduced you to an abstract and figurative painter, a nude vegan chef, and a healing advocate among others. Their voices challenged us to confront misconceptions around body positivity, to channel creativity in times of uncertainty, and reminded us that our creature comforts are what empower our best selves.

As we continue to engage in spirited dialogue with our cast of muses and makers, we hope to hear from you too. #InMyElse is a destination and safe space where we can all find and celebrate our true element. After all, when you feel good in your own skin, nothing feels better than slipping on beautiful lingerie :)

Charlie Ann Max

For the latest in our #inmyelse series, we’re presenting another of our creative muses: Charlie Max.

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Djuna Bel

L.A.-based stylist Djuna Bel has an impressive client roster, but just as noteworthy is her ethical, eclectic

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Julia-Elise Childs

Feeling stressed? Not many people can answer no to that these days. Focusing on mental health is always

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Kristen Giorgi

In good times and bad, art is a constant — and it's constantly something we look to for inspiration

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Lera Pentelute

Looking to elevate your everyday? Who isn’t these days? During stressful times, the term “self-care”

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Melodi Meadows

So many of us have been home, doing our part to keep ourselves, our loved ones, and our communities

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