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Functional for everyday wear or dress up for the bedroom.

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Chemises were originally designed to be worn under clothes to keep sweat from spreading to outer garments. Today, they're known for style in addition to practicality — and, in the case of ELSE chemises, true elegance for day and night. collections. From soft cup chemises to front tie slip dresses, these pieces are designed to meet and exceed the loftiest expectations.

Let’s say that you bought a slightly tight dress that you want to feel comfortable and look fit in. ELSE chemises are here to save the day: Adjustable straps on our high apex soft cup chemises and pull-on style soft cup slip dresses stand the test of time with high-quality fabric and all-day practicality, while overlap and tie-front-detailed slip dresses make summer nights a breeze. So if you want to own a piece that will simplify your wardrobe by offering more versatility, well-crafted ELSE chemises are ready to delight you. Pick your favorites, and get ready to confidently wear whatever you want with a little extra support — and a lot of extra style.